Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Planet Alcatraz - Part 4: Welcome to Northern City

Train stop

The train stops somewhere outside Northern City.

 A young Ratwolf then jumps out of nowhere and kill Toot in one hit.
This map is mostly populated by wild animals. They are trivial to deal with at this point, but since I'm trying to keep my level low, I'll be ignoring most of them.
 Three corpses at three corners of the map. Boar loots the one containing the gun.
... then sneaks to the exit without much difficulty.

The city actually looks kinda pretty at a distance, doesn't it?

Northern City

Boar first arrives at the Junkyard at the city's gate. And his first impression is...
A beggar named Lazarus approaches Boar, and warns him about the clothes he's wearing. While the warning's legitimate (game over if someone spots Boar wearing the Industrial Area clothes), it's not necessary to give all the stuff to this guy. So Boar tells him to screw off.
The unwanted items can be stashed at this chest right in the middle of the area, in front of Hunchback's house. The game's quite peculiar about this. Put anything on the ground and it's gone if you leave the area, but putting them in any container and they are safer than in a bank.
 Boar also finds some clothes inside the chest and try them on. Check this out.
Anyway, to get in the city, Boar needs to find some decent clothing. He walks in the house and meets Hunchback.
Hunchback drops several trick questions. Falling for any of them will result in a game over, as Hunchback is quite fond of catching fugitives and returning them to the Industrial zone.
Anyway, after all is said and done, Hunchback generously gives boar some shorts and a T-shirt. There's also a Rooster figurine quest item. But let's just leave in the chest for now.
Boar walks pass the guards without incident and enters the Warehouse area.
The area map is now available. Boar heads to the Market to report to his local commanding officer.
This monk at the marketplace is the messenger that directs Boar to his CO's office.
However, Boar can go straight to his CO, Blacky (yep), bypassing the messenger.
After a brief report, Blacky orders Boar to hunt down and collect 20 bear asses, er, 21 Gerbil skins (a nice, round number).
Briefing complete! A bunch of locations have been unlocked.
The Planet map is accessible now, and a few encounters can be, well, encountered. Let's start with the easy Animal encounters, and collect those damn Gerbil skins.

To part 5: Boar struggles (just a little) to gather the gerbil skins

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