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Planet Alcatraz - backstory (part 2)

The population of "Sailor's Silence"

*Note: The info is also taken from the game manual and translated.

The inhabitants of Sailor's Silence are mostly categorized by races. The most numerous are "white" criminals. Less prominent are settlements and gangs of criminals with black and yellow skin colors.

Northern City

The largest and most culturally-diversed location on the planet is called Northern City, located at Stinky river mouth. In fact, it used to be three different settlements: Ngaku, the Negro village, Chengshi - the Sino-Japanese village and North - the white village. The three were located next to each other and gradually merged into one.
"White" Area

During Vampire team's time on the planet, Northern city has about seven thousand people, and is under centralized management and administration. White area is managed by a mob boss named Scrap, yellow area by Taipei Lao Cheng, and black area by Ungan Jackson. These leaders are almost never seen in person. The cities' key issues are solved by gathering these three main figures representing each area.

In general, the black hate yellow and white, yellow hate black and white. The white criminals, well, they hate white only and consider other races not worthy of hatred. 

Taipen, a.k.a "Yellow" area
The city has a market where people of all skin colors can meet, communicate and trade without the fear for their well being. The Industrial Area and the Aryan Fortress supply the market with weapons and and ammunition; Tszintu village - food, drugs and vodka; Mombasa village - drugs; Pampasovo lumberjack camp - materials; finally, rogues and cannibals sell slaves.

White area is famous for gambling house "Lucky Ace", brothels like "Tsentryak", "Shmarovoz" and "Port", bath house "Locomotive", tattoo parlor "Hepatitis", great theater "Globe", nutritious institution "Hospitality", and many others places to have fun for those with time and money to spare.

Ungan, a.k.a "Black" area
Yellow area is the place to buy the best edged weapon, amass capital retail trading and healing.

Black area houses world-class experts on the production and sales of a variety of drugs, mind-altering substances which encourage people to live with little fear for their future. The "live fast, die young" tendency in their lifestyle is so prevalent that, with the exception of the huge Ungan mansion (the biggest building in the whole city), the dance floor and the drugstore "Point", this area consists almost entirely of shabby huts.

Industrial Area

Next to Northern city, is a secret Industrial Zone, where Scrap, the kingpin of white district, organized the production of weapons and ammunition. No outsiders are allowed in, and no one has ever escaped.


The second largest settlement on the planet - Stoneguard Fortress - houses political prisoners. The Empire has been in a decades long space war with the Fourth Reich, which has spread across almost a third of the galaxy. Therefore, "Sailor's Silence" often get people convicted of aiding the enemy - spreading Aryan propaganda, spying for the Reich, instigating illegal movements or hostile actions in the exclusion (neutral?) zones.

Most of the criminals on the planet despise political prisoners and will kill them on sight. Therefore, the political prisoners were united under Ulrich von Beck, a former Aryan Marshal, and build Stoneguard, a unique fortified city shaped like a cross.

The fortress is small like its population. However, the Aryans differs from most in their discipline and education. All are willing to fight to the last man; thus, all attacks on their stronghold have ended with failure. Before long, massive slums grew around the fort, inhabited by people of all colors who live by trading with the fortress and stealing from each other. The population of the fortress is about 2000 people, and counting the "suburbs" - about 5000.

Cannibal Village

Of all the second-grade settlements, one should first mention the village within the mountain, house of the canniballistic sectarians "Witnesses of the Last Supper". Population - about five hundred. They boldly and unexpectedly raid any undefended settlements. They gladly adorn the captives with their own possessions. The captured are available for sale for some time. If they are not bought, Windigo, shaman of the tribe, send the sinners' souls to heaven with a ritual.

Warning: Family-unfriendly material ahead !!!

The process of turning the "Faithless" into food consists of two stages: Religious and Gastronomy. Religious ceremony - the Shaman prays, then he has intercourse with the victim, irrigating their insides with "divine seeds." Then, a man breaks the victim's bones with a cudgel, and put the body in an icy creek. The body lies there for 3 days, ... [something about special tasty juice]... and the flesh acquires a special taste.

End Warning

These cannibals don't simply eat people, they are not merely interested in corpses and human flesh. They are interested in the ritual itself, along with its origin and legends.

Tszintu (Zintu/Jindu) and Mombasa

Zintu Village
On the banks of the Yellow River lies Tszintu, a village inhabited by people of the Mongoloid race with the population of about a thousand. Main occupation: agriculture. Supervised by Tszintu Mandarin Chan Xin Guo. Also resides here is the legendary poisonous ostriches hunter - the fearless, cunning and resourceful Biao-Ji.

Breeding ostriches and extracing their venom has become a delicate craft here - to the envy of the Mombasa's Negro inhabitants. In fact, the fierce ostriches often attack black inhabitants who lost their way and put them into a coma (ostrich poison has an effect comparable to the strongest Negro anesthetic). The secret to dealing with such poison is known only to the shaman Pope Legba, and even he cannot always help.
Mombasa Village
Therefore, all eight hundred Mombasan and especially their leader, Chuck, dream to breed their own poisonous ostriches. This is impossible to do without the proper skills, because poisonous ostriches are not only fast, cunning, crafty but also extremely spiteful and tenacious creatures.


(The manual, for some reason, doesn't mention the lumberjack village Pampasovo)

Female convicts

"Sailor's Silence" is only for male convicts on life sentences. Women on life imprisonment are not exiled here to avoid the birth of children, which cannot be kept in prison. Detecting and relocating convicts' born children on remote planets is not a happy job, and certainly not cheap. Therefore, female and male convicts are contained in separate planets, at least two parsecs apart.

But the well-respected individuals in the criminal world, condemned to lifelong exile, they still had the opportunity to rest, relax and enjoy life. When a woman is sentenced to death for serious violations, instead of capital punishment, she is usually sent here for a life sentence. Before their arrival at Sailor's Silence, all women are sterilized; and for all intents and purposes, they are already dead.


There are about a hundred different weapons in the game. Except for Imperial weaponry, all weapons are created by the inhabitants with lots of effort, in artisanal or semi-artisan conditions.

Sailor's Silence's lithosphere contains very little sulfur, which makes it difficult to produce good gunpowder. Therefore, the firearms here have their distinct characteristics. Firstly, most firearms are smooth-bore to achieve higher initial muzzle velocity. Even with this modification, it is usually impossible to kill a person with a single shot. This fact stimulated the (re-)invention and production of Kalashnikov automatic weapons.

Firearms made on Sailor's Silence can be roughly divided into two categories: hand-made and factory-made. The first category includes various improvised guns, which practically consist of a metallic tube sealed at one end, and a wooden handle. Any stoned Negro can make such a weapon. The smarter negros are bolder, and come up with something better: double-barrelled guns. There are rumors about the some negros who are able to make triple-barrelled matchlocks, but it's not easy to meet such a character.

Factory-made firearms can be further divided into two categories: those made in the Industrial Zone (nicknamed Northern guns), and those made in the Aryan fortress Stoneguard (a.k.a Aryan guns). Both sides suspect the other of planning an attack, and at the same time, prepare an attack of their own. They arm themselves as much as possible, while not forgetting to sell military-grade weapons to outsiders for extra cash. The caliber include 6mm, 9mm, 12-and 16-gauge. The weapons range from pistols, revolvers, sub-machine guns, rifles, assault rifles shotguns, automatic shotguns, grenade launchers as well as some secret weapons that are rarely for sale. Some variants support optical sight and underbarrel grenade launchers attachments.

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