Sunday, December 13, 2015

Planet Alcatraz - Part 12 - 4 more animal encounters

This will be a brief post. Our heroes continue to get the easy and boring encounters out of the way. I won't post their screenshot with the title screen or map location, as it's kind of pointless. There are only 3 or 4 types of title card, depending on where the action take place
- Forest: The one with the normal looking trees
- Tropical Jungle: The one with the rather bizzare looking trees
- Prairie / Desert

Forest Hunting

Quest: Eliminate all the wild animals
The opponents here include Young Battle Rats

And Young Ratwolves

Done. Let's move on.

Nest of Gerbils

Quest: Kill all dangerous forest dwellers

This area has several new enemies.

The Mantis and Brown Mantis. I know. They are about as different from mantises as can be, but I'm not the one making up the names.
 They have to come in melee range to attack so... yeah.

  There are several Ratwolves here too.

We finish off the remaining Battle Rats and leave the area.

Attacking Ostriches

Quest: Clear the prairie of wild animals

This encounter also has a few new enemies.

The Green Cockroach, which doesn't look like cockroach. At all.

It's flies near and swoop down to attack. Worth quite a bit of XP.

The Green Lizard, another flying animal with a poison attack.

The Guanna, lizard-like creatures. Slow and easy to kill.

Moloches. We saw this one already.

And of course, our main attraction: Battle Ostriches...

And quite a few of 'em too.

And... Done.

Zoo in the Desert

Quest: Eliminate all the monsters

We have the Hyenas, dog-like creatures with armor-like scales on their backs.

These scales can be inserted into armored vests for extra protection. Or they can be sold for a few thousand coins.

We have the Guanna, again.
The Theromorphs are new.

They have tons of HP and can set their prey on fire by attacking. I don't know how that works, either.

Their fire damage isn't that great, so they are not much of a problem at the end. They do look pretty cool, though.