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Planet Alcatraz - backstory

For the ones who aren't familiar with the game (and also for me, when I forget) this is the backstory of Санитары Подземелий (Sanitary Podzemeliy - very roughly translatable to "Dungeon Cleaners") a.k.a Planet Alcatraz. The English Manual has most of the info regarding the backstory entirely cut off, so most of these are found in the Russian manual and the game's game Russian wiki. I don't speak a word of Russian, so the text you read below are result of Google-translating and guessing. Thus, some of the texts will be mangled, or even completely wrong in places, so be warned.


Screenshot from the intro (Russian Version only)
During the 22nd-23rd centuries, after the discovery and of zero-transportation (a.k.a. hyperspace, warp, etc), the human race began to spread throughout the universe. Hundreds of habitable planets were discovered and colonized. One of these planets, 2-4A33713/2, nicknamed "Sailor's Silence", was colonized for the purpose of mining.

Discovered on Earth year 2409, 2-4A33713/2 orbits a G-2 class star, very similar to the Sun. The planet's mass (gravity?) is 1.1 Earth, diameter at the equator is 13900 km, slightly elongated orbit, axial tilt 3 degrees (thus, no pronounced seasons, unlike Earth). Its rotation speed is almost identical to that of Earth's.

Ten years after its discovery, the state-owned GAP (Глав Планет Освой - Glav Planet Osvoy - I've no idea how to translate it) began to colonize the planet for the purpose of mining. Another 10 years later, the colony was devastated by a 3-ton meteorite which hit the main production building, decimated the whole mining area, killed most workers and managers. Due to the risk of further meteorite activities, the surviving personnel of GAP was immediately evacuated. The investigation on the planet's hazards lasted several Earth years. In this period, GAP lost interest in the planet, and abandoned the facilities.

In 2461 Planet 2-4A33713/2 was assigned to the register of the Office of the Third Management Prison Isolation Colony (Третьего Управления Пенитенциарно - изоляционных Колоний, which makes the acronym ТУПИК - Dead End). One Earth year later, in accordance with established protocol, the Government began to transfer to 2-4A33713/2 felons sentenced to life imprisonment.

Due to the high level of development in robotics, slave labor has become obsolete. Replacement organs and body parts are no longer an issue thanks to achievements in auto-cloning. Thus, the criminals deemed incorrigible are isolated on the so-called prison planets, of which there are about fifty.

Above each of these planets, placed in geostationary orbit, is a WINDOW (orbital complex security and surveillance) with a crew of 20. The most popular variant is WINDOW-95 (hur-hur) "Cerberus". The system consists of a manned station and an array of observational satellites under the station's control. The satellites see everything happenning on the planet's surface. The manned station is equipped for surface tracking, high precision strikes against targets on the ground, on the air and in space, as well as zero-Transportation portals. Each WINDOW is tasked with monitoring  activities, securing access to and from the planet; Also, in conjunction with a network of informants among the convicted, it suppresses any attempt by the planet's inhabitants to create anything more technologically advanced then allowed.

At regular intervals, a "Stolypin" prison ship comes to each prison planet with the prisoners and personnel for the station's next shift. After the convicts are delivered to the planet in a landing capsule, the station's personnel change shift and the ship departs.
Note: Landing pods don't have parachutes.
"Sailor's Silence" has a continent of ​​22 million km2 area. However, only the southern part of it can be considered suitable for agriculture. The southern part is a peninsula bordered by a subtropical sea and sheltered from the cold continental winds by a mountain range. Most of the planet's population are located here. Two large settlements (more than 5000 residents) and a few small settlements belonging to different ethnic groups have been founded on the peninsula.

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